Bruce Rondon Beginning to Throw Pain Free

Good news for Tigers fans today.  Reports are that Bruce Rondon is pain free after Tommy John surgery last March 2014.

“I feel good,” Rondon said. “Really good.”

Rondon has been down at Tigertown rehabbing, where he is entering the last stage of Tommy John rehab.  If you recall Rondon was going to be a major part of the Tigers bullpen last season until the injury.

The bad news about Rondon, is that until he can consistently show the Tigers brass that he can get back to throwing upper 90’s on back to back days, they can’t count on him.  So right now he is in plans for this coming season, but we just don’t know when.

“He’s so talented that he thinks he can throw it through the wall,” Dombrowski said earlier this month. “That’d be great but Opening Day is fine. We don’t need to see it right away.”

Dombrowski knows having a healthy Rondon is key to having success through this long season.  He realizes our bullpen pitched very poorly last season and has banked on the return of Rondon to help stabilize the situation.  Especially now with Hanrahan still having pain in his elbow, it is going to be a crucial for Rondon to take his time and get healthy for the long haul.  When he returns, the Tigers could possibly sport the best 7th, 8th, and 9th inning combination in the league.