WATCH: Buckeye fans celebrate with dumpster fires; crowds dispersed with tear gas

Thousands celebrating the Ohio State University’s 42-20 National Championship victory over Oregon took to the streets of Columbus, on Monday night. And, as per longstanding tradition for fans of a team that just won/lost/appeared in an important game to some degree, things eventually began getting set on fire.

According to CBS affiliate WBNS in Columbus, up to a third of the city’s fire engines were tied up responding to nearly 90 fires set throughout the city last night. In cliche university fashion, the carnage appeared to begin with students dragging their couches to the front yard and setting them aflame. From there, a police spokesman claimed at least 30 to 40 trash cans and dumpsters were ignited as well.

Elsewhere in Columbus, at least 8,000 fans broke into Ohio Stadium and subsequently tore down each goalpost.

Back off campus, tactical officers deployed tear gas after fans ignored repeated orders to disperse. In all, order appeared to be generally restored within two hours.

People took to Twitter and YouTube to share footage of the night’s celebration and impending chaos:


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