By trying to crap on Detroit, Jalen Green just took a major dump on himself

During a recent interview, Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green made a comment that I suspect he will eventually wish he could take back.

In the interview, Green claimed that though he wanted to be selected No. 1 overall in the NBA Draft, he did not want the Detroit Pistons to be the team to take him. He then went on to explain that playing in Detroit would have been like going back to the G League.

Here are Green’s comments.

“I wanted to be the No. 1 pick, but as for the location, I didn’t want to be in Detroit,” Green told Yahoo Sports. “I felt a lot more comfortable in Houston. It felt like a real homie environment. With Detroit, it felt like I was just going back to the G League bubble, and I just got out of the bubble. That’s pretty much what it was.

“In the [G League] bubble, I didn’t really have anything to do but just stay in the gym. I didn’t have any time to get away for myself. The only time I had to get away for myself was in my apartment. That’s what it felt like in Detroit. I wouldn’t be stepping outside in Detroit. There are not many things you can do in Detroit like that. You’re going to stay in the gym and then go back to your apartment.”

Ah, Jalen. Thank you!

By attempting to crap on Detroit, a very weak attempt in that, Green just took a major dump on himself by showing exactly why Piston fans are so happy that he is thousands of miles away from their city.

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You see, there was actually a group of fans (albeit a small group) that believed the Pistons should have passed on Cade Cunningham to take Green No. 1 overall.

Now, everybody is entitled to their opinion on which player a team should draft, but something tells me that those who thought the Pistons should pass on Cade for Green just changed their mind after seeing Green’s clown-like comments about playing in Detroit.

Green’s comments reveal exactly what kind of player he is going to be in Houston. He is going to be a selfish, me-first type player that his teammates (and eventually the fans) cannot stand.

But here in Detroit, we have Cade Cunningham. Cade is not only a great and unselfish player on the court but he is a player who also wants to represent our great city off the court.

Jalen Green, I truly hope that you look back at your comments and realize that with your weak attempt to rip Detroit, you actually revealed your true colors. I also hope that you realize how ignorant they were and how they make you look. I hope that you apologize and move on and be a player who is not selfish but one who is a great teammate and a great ambassador for the great city of Houston.

You know, like Cade Cunningham already is in Detroit.


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  1. Well stated Mr. Brady. I suspect that he will score plenty of points this season while the team finishes towards the bottom due to his selfishness. I liked how Cade played in the Summer League and his interviews were fantastic. The attitude is probably why Weaver did not select Green. Nicely done Pistons, nicely done indeed.

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