C.J. Gardner-Johnson says Detroit Lions don’t have the ‘Fire’ he has

C.J. Gardner-Johnson says the Detroit Lions "play good ball here" but they do not have the "fire" he has.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson‘s arrival in the Motor City brings a much-needed infusion of passion and a winning mentality to the Detroit Lions. As a key contributor to the Philadelphia Eagles‘ successful season, he aims to inspire his new teammates and elevate the team's performance.

Detroit Lions C.J. Gardner-Johnson

Key Points

  • C.J. Gardner-Johnson, a new acquisition for the Lions, emphasizes his dedication to winning and believes the team lacks the same level of “fire” he possesses.
  • Gardner-Johnson highlights his winning experiences with the Eagles, where they won 14 games and secured the NFC East division title, showcasing his desire for success.
  • The Lions have faced challenges in recent years, struggling to make the playoffs and holding the longest active playoff win drought in the NFL since 1991.

Raising the Bar for Team Fire

C.J. Gardner-Johnson's comments about the Lions' lack of “fire” highlight the importance of team spirit and determination in achieving success. By expressing his unwavering commitment to winning, he challenges his teammates to match his level of intensity and push themselves to new heights.

“You guys play good ball here. I’m not trying to take that away from you. But, I don’t think guys have the fire that I have, anybody around the league,” Gardner-Johnson told reporters Thursday, on Day 3 of mandatory minicamp. “In the Super Bowl, you’ve seen it. Last year, you ‘seen’ it. The year before last year, you ‘seen’ it. The year I got in Tom Brady’s face, you ‘seen’ it. So, I think the passion that you guys see and the energy, I’m just ready to win. And, I’m not trying to take no steps off. Losing the Super Bowl doesn't mean take a step back.”

“I think, me just being me and just letting it feed off, and just hoping that everybody can just feed off what I do by (me) leading by example. I’ve played a lot of ball, you know, these past four years, so I think a lot of guys get behind me for the example I set in games and stuff,” the versatile defensive back said.

Bottom Line – “You can change the city by winning

With the addition of Gardner-Johnson, the Detroit Lions have an opportunity to tap into his winning experiences and leadership. His presence and competitive spirit can serve as a catalyst for the team, igniting a renewed sense of passion and determination. The Lions must embrace his example and strive to reach their full potential.

“This year, I think the leadership I bring, as I said, leading by example and going to the playoffs and playing in division games that mean something (in the past), I think that right there is going to rub off and just let them guys take it to another level,” he expressed. 

“You can change a city by just winning,” Gardner-Johnson said.