C.J. Stroud says ‘eyes are open’ to Detroit Lions drafting him

The Detroit Lions are continuing to make preparations for the 2023 NFL Draft, which will officially begin from Kansas City, MO tomorrow evening. The Lions hold the No. 6 overall selection, and one player they've been linked to in various mock drafts is Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback C.J. Stroud.

C.J. Stroud Detroit Lions

C.J. Stroud knows the Lions could call his name

The Lions, who already have veteran QB Jared Goff under contract for two more years, could consider drafting his eventual successor. Stroud knows that it's a possibility, and has already acquainted himself with key figures within the organization.

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Stroud said that he had a “great” conversation with Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, whom he referred to as a “genius”.

I mean, my eyes are open,” Stroud said. “I know drafts are crazy every year, especially for quarterbacks so we’ll sit here and see. I had a great meeting with them and the 30 went very well, so we’ll see what happens.”

Stroud comments on low S2 Cognitive Test score

One point of concern for potential suitors for Stroud is his reported low score on an S2 cognitive test, which he explained away by saying that he plays football rather than taking academic tests. He also pointed to the fact that one can't play for the Buckeyes without already having a bright mind.

“I’m not a test taker, so I play football,” Stroud said. “But at the end of the day, I don’t got nothing to prove to nobody so I’m not (going) to sit here and explain how I process football. The people who making the picks know what I can do, so that’s all that matters to me.”

“I know I can process very well and I know I’m very smart,” Stroud said. “You can’t play at Ohio State and not be smart, and for the people — for the S2 test, it is what it is. It happened and I’m willing to stick up and I don’t have no excuses. I know what I can do on that field, though.”

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Wrapping It Up: C.J. Stroud will have a positive impact on whoever selects him

Stroud, who holds multiple Buckeyes team scoring records, is one of the highest-regarded players in the 2023 NFL Draft.

As one of the top talented players at the ever-important position of quarterback up for grabs, the Lions are certainly justified in giving him significant consideration should he be available when it is their turn to pick. Among the other top quarterbacks up for grabs include Alabama's Bryce Young, Kentucky's Will Levis, and Florida's Anthony Richardson.

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