Calvin Johnson explains what he will do for Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams

Calvin Johnson could be just what the doctor ordered for Detroit Lions wide receiver, Jameson Williams.

During a recent Detroit Lions practice, the iconic Calvin Johnson connected with fellow wide receiver and first-round pick, Jameson Williams. Johnson expressed his eagerness and willingness to support the youngster in his journey and provide guidance whenever needed. Recognizing Williams' exceptional talent, Johnson is determined to help him cultivate consistency and professionalism, serving as a mentor and reliable presence in his career.

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Key Points

  • Johnson has taken on the role of mentor for Williams.
  • Johnson aims to guide Williams in building consistency and professionalism as he navigates his NFL career.
  • The mentorship between Johnson and Williams holds the potential to positively impact the Lions' team dynamic and contribute to Williams' development as a player.

Calvin Johnson explains what he will do for Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams

“I connected with Jamo yesterday really for the first time and I look forward to being around him and being a shoulder for him to lean on,” Johnson said on 97.1 The Ticket. “Extremely talented kid. We saw him when he touched the field last year for the first time. I look forward to just helping him build the level of consistency and being the pro he wants to be, man. Anything I can to do help him, I’ll do that and I’ll be there.”

Big Picture: Nurturing Talent for Future Success

Reflecting on his initial interactions with Williams, Johnson spoke highly of the young receiver's abilities. Despite Williams' limited playing time due to injury recovery and a forthcoming suspension, Johnson sees immense potential in him. Williams missed most of the previous season due to a torn ACL and is slated to sit out the first six games of the upcoming season for a violation of the NFL's gambling policy. However, during his time away from the team, Johnson hopes to assist Williams in honing his skills and preparing for a successful return to the field.

“It’s the NFL, man, I was part of it for a long time. Just to be around it, it never gets old. The competition, the speed of the game and then the camaraderie that we had when we played, it’s always great to be around that locker room vibe,” Johnson said.

Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Jameson Williams Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – Embracing Mentorship for Future Triumphs

Johnson's involvement in guiding the development of Williams holds great significance for the Lions and their overall team dynamic. Johnson's legendary status as a former Lions wide receiver brings invaluable experience and insights into the game. By extending his support to Williams, a promising young talent, Johnson contributes to the team's collective growth and fosters a culture of mentorship within the organization.


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