Calvin Johnson responds to speculation about return to Lions

As soon as the 2015 NFL season was completed, rumors started flying around about Calvin Johnson retiring from football. Well, those rumors turned out to be the truth when Johnson announced he was hanging up his cleats and riding off into the sunset.

Without Johnson, many experts and fans believed the Detroit Lions would take a step back, but that has not been the case. The Lions currently sit at 9-5, good enough for first place in the NFC North. If they can take care of business, they will win their division for the first time since 1993.

But, despite their record, the Lions just do not seem good enough to win it all with what they have and the thought of reaching out to Calvin Johnson to come back for a Super Bowl run has been tossed around. In fact, I even wrote him an open letter in hopes he would return.

On Tuesday, Johnson talked to ESPN about the chances of him returning to the NFL and it’s safe to say his mind is made up.

From ESPN:

“I’m not coming back, man,” Johnson told ESPN. “Look, man. I got stuff that’s going to hurt for the rest of my life. I got a finger that’s literally bone-on-bone. This bad boy, it gets smaller. The more and more I do, it grinds bone-on-bone.

“Literally from last year, I went this year to get another X-Ray and this is after I retired, I knew it was messed up but I didn’t know to what degree because it was hurt.”

Johnson also added that his is enjoying his retirement and has even stopped lifting weights. Though he misses his teammates, there are some things he is happy are now in his past.

“The only thing I miss, but I still get it because I get to hang out with the guys, is the camaraderie,” Johnson said. “The guys that I really hung out with, Dom [Raiola], Rob [Sims], Matthew [Stafford], the guys I played with for most of my career, five, six years each, I still hang out with those guys, so it’s not that bad.

“The thing I don’t miss is waking up in the morning, hurting, the grind of the game. I got chronic stuff that everybody has when they’re done playing football for any length of time. So the good thing is I’m able to walk. I feel good. I’m able to spend more time with the fam. I’m able to chill. I don’t have to go out and run three miles every day in practice, you know what I’m saying. Goodness gracious.”

Sorry Lions fans, but if you were like me and hoped there was still a chance we would see Megatron one more time in the Honolulu blue and silver, it’s time to move on.

Calvin Johnson sure has.