Carlos Correa should be an insurance spokesman

Carlos Correa signed the friendliest player contract anyone has ever signed and all it means is a great deal of insurance for him and his representation. IT also means that there is a high possibility that he will not be a member of the Twins next season.

Carlos Correa
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A.J. Reilly: Yes or no. Carlos Correa will be a Twin. After this season, he signed a three-year, $105.3 million deal with the Minnesota Twins with an opt-out after season one and season two, will he be a Twin in 2023? 

Dylan Bair: No chance. Why? Let's put it this way. If you were thinking about this from his agent's perspective, what would be the purpose of having not one, but two-player opt-outs on such a short deal. We heard the entire time that Correa was looking for a long-term deal. Over $300 million. The Tigers, I believe, offered $275 million. Clearly, that was not going to happen with the market, especially with the lockout being what it was. So they decide to go the safe route, get a ton of money, and have those opt-outs in place.

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And it's also on a team that has made pretty weird decisions, to be honest, and especially with the Tigers being as young as they are. And if, what we think is going to happen, happens and the tigers supersede them. Then what? Okay, then what is the motivation for Correa and his agent to stay on a sinking ship rather than go back into the market without the law looming of the lockdown in place, and then he can get the deal that he wanted just a year later.

A.J. Reilly: So, highest average annual for an infield player, and all that keeps coming back to me is, this is a state farm contract. This is insurance. That's what it is. If Craig gets hurt this year, guess what? He's got the highest average annual salary next year, too. And then he can opt-out.

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