Casey Mize Reflects on Detroit Tigers Tough Loss to Phillies

Casey Mize Allowed the First Four Batters of the Game to Score

Nick Castellanos’ return to Comerica Park was a reminder of what the Tigers lost when they traded him away in 2019. As he and the Philadelphia Phillies cruised to an 8-1 win over the Tigers in the first of a three-game set, another story was unfolding on the mound with Casey Mize.

Casey Mize Speaks To Media

Casey Mize on the Tough Loss

Casey Mize pitched with determination despite the tough game against the Phillies. He posted a career-high 10 strikeouts in 4.1 innings, an impressive feat overshadowed by the four runs and nine hits he allowed. Mize didn’t shy away from discussing his performance and its impact on the team.

“I’ve told you guys for a long time and it wasn’t because I wasn’t striking guys out that the thing I value most is runs and innings,” Mize said. “And that is still true today when I had a career-high strikeout game but only go four-plus innings and give up four. The scoreboard wasn’t good.”

Reflecting on Team Dynamics

Casey Mize emphasized the importance of tangible results over personal milestones. “I wasn’t lying when I said that’s what I care about. This is why. We lost the game because of it.” His frustration was clear as he analyzed the game, highlighting the gap between his personal success and the team’s overall performance.

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Casey Mize: Facing Challenges Head-On

Despite his strong strikeout numbers, Casey Mize was tagged with four runs and nine hits, reaching 101 pitches by the time he left the game in the fifth inning. It was just the third time in his career he’s thrown 100 or more pitches in a start.

Mize’s reflection on his performance underscores a broader theme within the Tigers’ clubhouse—a relentless pursuit of improvement amidst ongoing struggles. His ability to generate 19 swings and misses on 53 swings, with six each from his four-seam fastball and slider, and five from his splitter, showcases his potential and the high standards he sets for himself.

The Bottom Line

Casey Mize’s comments after the game give insight into a pitcher who’s dedicated to his craft and deeply aware of the team’s goals. “The thing I value most is runs and innings,” he reiterated, showing his commitment to the Tigers’ success. As Detroit works through its rebuilding phase, Mize’s focus on accountability and results will be crucial in shaping the team’s future.

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