Stan Van Gundy unleashes double F-bomb during ESPN telecast (video)

Well, it wasn’t exactly quite as epic as forming a wall, but during last night’s 113-103 loss to the Celtics, cameras once again caught Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy at just the wrong moment – this time on national television. In the midst of absorbing a 20-2 first quarter Celtics run, Van Gundy … Read more

Video: Courtside Waitress Spills Beer Everywhere

Ah yes, the perils of courtside seating at an NBA ballgame. What appeared to be a routine loose ball chase in the corner quickly turned into a small-time crisis Saturday night as Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee collided with a courtside waitress carrying a bevy of adult beverages. The result? Total carnage. The final tally: 7 spilled … Read more

WATCH: Buckeye fans celebrate with dumpster fires; crowds dispersed with tear gas

Thousands celebrating the Ohio State University’s 42-20 National Championship victory over Oregon took to the streets of Columbus, on Monday night. And, as per longstanding tradition for fans of a team that just won/lost/appeared in an important game to some degree, things eventually began getting set on fire. According to CBS affiliate WBNS in Columbus, up to a third … Read more