Detroit Red Wings prospect Moritz Seider continues to destroy whatever he hits [Video]

“Whatever he hits, he destroys!” That quote fits Detroit Red Wings prospect Moritz Seider perfectly as he continues to just annihilate his opponents on a daily basis. Here is a trio of big-time hits Seider laid out on Saturday. Moritz Seider trio of hits today. #LGRW — IcehockeyGifs (@IcehockeyG) April 24, 2021

Original ‘Malice at the Palace’ featured Bill Laimbeer vs. Charles Barkley [Video]

On the morning of Thursday, April 19, 1990, the Philadelphia 76ers awakened with the knowledge that the only thing standing between them and their first Atlantic Division championship since 1983, was the Detroit Pistons. The two teams appeared to be evenly matched. Alongside Philly’s Atlantic Division prospects, the defending NBA champion Pistons were already on … Read more

Top 5 football movie speeches of all-time

When the magic of film and football combine, the result often gives some of the most inspirational speeches in movies. Every sports fan has that movie speech that they can quote word for word. These moments are meant to inspire and give us inspiration in our own lives. Note: Video content may contain adult language. … Read more