Is CBD A Better Painkiller for Athletes?

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Although there is not enough medical proof of how CBD helps improve our lives, the sports world is welcoming or accepting it anyway. Even though some world-class athletes are super picky or choosy about what enters their bodies, some are keen to experience the wonders of CBD.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the benefit of using CBD as a recovery tool, plus the research supporting it. Also, you’ll understand and learn why a lot of athletes choose to use CBD. Read on to know more!

How Can Cannabidiol Help Athletes?

CBD is a natural chemical or compound discovered in cannabis plants, particularly, hemp. Thus, it won’t get you high. The high sensation that’s usually connected with marijuana actually originates from a different compound in the cannabis plant. 

This chemical is called tetrahydrocannabinol. Moreover, the World Health Organization reports that Cannabidiol is generally safe, non-addicting, and non-toxic. But the proof or affirmation for the benefits using Cannabidiol is still in the preliminary stages. 

The good news is that it’s starting to build up with at least 11,000 published scientific and medical studies. Also, many reputable websites like talk about CBD and how it can improve one’s life. So, how can this chemical help athletes for competitive performance and during their workout?

Mitigates Stress

For athletes, it could be that the most significant advantage of taking CBD is stress reduction. It may sound and seem great, well it undoubtedly is. However, what does it truly mean? For you to know the answer, you need to focus and aim your attention at what stress is. 

Stress is a state of emotional or mental tension or strain, causing demanding, adverse circumstances. What does it do with athletes? What is the relationship between stress and sports?

Actually, stress does have a lot to do with athletes. It is because physical activities create a form of anxiety, something that must be adapted to and be overcome just like anything else. Most athletes have perhaps gone through this battle. 

The ideal training plan deliberately counterweights rest and work, rigorously stabilizing your nervous system between overtraining and freshness. Searching for that spot or fine line is not easy, though. 

However, Cannabidiol could make it more manageable. Regular daily intake of CBD with at least 20 milligrams may allow or enable athletes to force a way through stress-induced restrictions, pushing to new limits throughout the process.

Serves As An Adaptogen

Conventional adaptogens involve echinacea and reishi mushrooms. But today, CBD has accompanied this list of performance-boosting and stress-reducing plants due to the fact that it suits the definition appropriately.

However, what are adaptogens? Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs and plants intended to take us back to the middle, according to Dr. Brenda Powell. Also, adaptogens safeguard the neuroendocrine and nervous system from overdoing themselves.

Moreover, adaptogens are natural stimulants, according to a 1969 study, without inducing any side effects. Does it sound familiar? Well, that is what Cannabidiol does! CBD aids in promoting balance by triggering our ECS (endocannabinoid system). 

For athletes, CBD can serve as adaptogens that promote faster recovery and aid them in adapting to their training much better. Consider the metabolic state that ensues a strenuous workout: cortisol levels and body temperature are high. Moreover, stored sugar, particularly, glycogen is nearly exhausted, and muscle proteins have broken down.

Although research and studies in this area are lacking, perhaps taking other adaptogens and CBD together can result in synergistic effects. To put it simply, they can work better together.

Enhances Sleep

One of the most notable and apparent effects users observe about taking CBD is that it aids in improving their sleep. As a matter of fact, it is more common for a single dose of CBD to result in a quality sleep or rest that same night.

According to a Cross-sectional Study of CBD users, people use Cannabidiol as a therapy for many medical complications like a sleep disorder. Also, about 36 percent of the respondents claim that Cannabidiol treats their condition excellently. 

And because athletes perform tiring, strenuous training routines, they often don’t have enough quality sleep. With the help of CBD, it can help athletes have regular sleep cycles. Thus, they get more sleep and a lot of time to recover tired muscles. 

So, if you have problems getting enough sleep, worry not! Cannabidiol might aid you in getting there. Not like traditional sleep aids, CBD does not trigger any receptor system to cause drowsiness when you are active during the day.

Muscle Relaxation

Do you know or feel that grueling feeling after a tiring workout session? Muscles succumb to soreness and cramps. Thus, even activities such as walking become extremely difficult and exhausting.

The hard part of these moments is the process of recovery. Fortunately, Cannabidiol is a robust and powerful muscle relaxant since the compound helps the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter of the nervous system to work better by affecting the receptors.

To put it simply, Cannabidiol help promotes or encourage muscle relaxation by affecting or triggering a system that calms, quiets, and stills the body down. Moreover, CBD might aid users in avoiding problems with joint and muscle health, as well. 

In fact, according to Runner’s World, Cannabidiol combined with foam rolling, icing, and stretching is a typical treatment routine for knee injuries, like iliotibial band syndrome. Consider taking at least 20mg of CBD each day to maximize these benefits. 


Can Cannabidiol actually make the athletes’ lives much better? Can it make them better athletes? Well, it’s quite complicated to answer these questions since there is hardly any anecdotal evidence. But one thing’s for sure, CBD is a non-toxic and generally safe compound.

Many athletes choose to use CBD because particular products promise pain relief. What’s more, studies indicate that CBD is ideal for routine recovery. It can help people fall asleep and have anti-inflammatory properties, accelerating the whole recuperating process.

Additionally, CBD has shown to mitigate anxiety properties, helping athletes to minimize or lessen game-day or workout stress. 

Written by George Blouth


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