Charles Barkley calls out LeBron James for how he’d fare vs. Bad Boys

The infamous “Bad Boys” edition of the Detroit Pistons were known for their hard-nosed defensive play that drew the ire of just about everyone who wasn't a fan of theirs. But in doing so, they became some of the most legendary champions in NBA history, winning two straight titles in 1989 and 1990.

Another era of the Pistons included the beloved “Goin' to Work” squad, who stunned the NBA world with their 2004 trouncing of the favored Los Angeles Lakers as part of six consecutive runs to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Superstar LeBron James faced the Pistons three times in the playoffs, ultimately getting the upper hand in two of those series. But how would he have handled playing in the late 1980's and early 1990's against the feared Bad Boys?

According to Charles Barkley, not well.

“I love LeBron, but I do think the way they play the game today, he didn’t want a part of those Bad Boy Pistons,” said Barkley during a Zoom conversation with Kentucky head coach John Calipari.

Who's with Chuck on this one?


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