Chart shows Detroit Lions 2021 composite GPA

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To be completely honest, I am not a huge fan of NFL Draft grades. In fact, I think they are a complete waste of time because it is hard for me to put much stock into what somebody who really does not know much about scouting football players says about the future of prospects they really do not know.

That being said, while surfing through Twitter, I came across a chart compiled by Rene Bugner that shows the draft grades from 18 different national outlets.

Bugner then took those grades and averaged them out to come up with a GPA for each NFL team.

As you can see below, the Detroit Lions GPA for the 2021 NFL Draft is a 3.47. The highest GPA goes to the Chicago Bears who received 3.99 GPA and the lowest goes to the Houston Texans who got a 1.88 GPA.

Nation, what GPA do you give the Lions?

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