Chris Spielman is about to raise the Detroit Lions from the ashes

On December 29, 1957, the Detroit Lions absolutely destroyed the Cleveland Browns by a score of 59-14 to win the NFL Championship. It was the Lions' fourth title overall and their third of the 1950s.

But ever since that amazing day in Detroit sports history, the Lions have won just one more playoff game and that win came all the way back in 1992 when they defeated the Dallas Cowboys 38-6 to advance to the NFC Championship Game where they would eventually lose to Washington.

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That's right, folks, the Lions have won just one playoff game in a span of over six decades!

But one player who was on the last Lions' team to win a playoff game is about to raise the franchise from the ashes.

That player? Chris Spielman.

A New Advisor In Town

On Tuesday, the Lions took to Twitter to announce that they had hired Spielman as their Special Assistant to Chairman and President & CEO.

Though it sounds like Spielman will advise owner Sheila Ford Hamp and Team President Rod Wood on many things in the organization, his first order of business will be to help hire a new general manager and head coach to replace Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia.

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Spielman said that after speaking to Ford Hamp, he knew he had to take the job.

“My last conversation with Sheila put it over the top for me,” Spielman told reporters. “I woke up that next day, because,  you know, life changes in 24 hours and after processing that information with her, I can’t tell you how excited she is and how bad she wants the Lions to represent the city of Detroit, to win a lot of games, and build something that everybody can be proud of.”

“She’s fabulous. Great leader. I was already like, ‘Let’s Go!’” Spielman said all fired up. “Felt like I had talked to a head coach before a game. Like she had given me a locker room speech, and I was ready to run through the hotel room door in Cincinnati.”

Spielman will raise the Lions from the ashes

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For over 60 years, the Lions have failed to bring another championship to Detroit but that is about to change with Chris Spielman in the mix.

Spielman is an extremely determined person and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he will do everything in his power (and more) to help the Lions to get back to being the proud franchise they once were. He has a passion for getting better every day and learning every day and that is something he will demand — in a positive fashion — from everyone he works with.

Chris will help to instill a positive, winning culture throughout the entire Lions franchise, including on the football side of things and the business side of things. His vision is to help build a winning franchise and he told reporters that his vision matches the vision of Rod Wood and Sheila Ford Hamp perfectly.

“I have a vision that matches exactly what Rod and Sheila envision, and that’s the only way this can work because we’re completely in-sync of the direction of the culture of the building,” Spielman told reporters after being hired.

Spielman's comment at Tuesday's press conference pretty much summed up what he is all about and what his role will be with the Lions.

“Whatever is needed to be done and however I can help the team in any way, that’s my job,” Spielman said. “And I am there just to serve. That’s my goal and that’s what I intend to do.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Spielman is about to run through a wall and he is going to bring the entire Detroit Lions franchise with him!



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