Chris Spielman Reveals What Detroit Lions ‘Villain’ Mentality Means

Detroit Lions’ special assistant Chris Spielman reveals the team’s ‘villain’ mentality and how it shapes their draft strategy

The Detroit Lions have adopted a fascinating “villain” mentality, a concept that piqued interest among fans when it was first hinted at by general manager Brad Holmes during the 2023 NFL Combine. This enigmatic term has finally been clarified by Chris Spielman, the Lions’ special assistant to the president/CEO, who provided insights into its meaning and significance for the team’s draft strategy.

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Core Assets: Athletic Ability, Competitiveness, and Instincts

During a discussion on the First Pick podcast, Chris Spielman outlined the three primary attributes the Lions seek in their draft targets: athletic ability, competitiveness, and instincts. Each quality plays a crucial role in identifying players who can thrive on the field and embody the “villain” mentality.

“Athletic ability, competes, and instincts,” Spielman explained. “Obviously you have to have the athletic ability to play at this level. Instinct, it’s hard to describe, but you know it when you see it. Like how quickly does a guard pass off a stunt to a tackle and how quickly does he adjust? Or when a linebacker knows he has to go through a guy or around a guy or under a guy to make a play. You can just see a guy with instincts, and you can see a guy without instincts. I don’t know, Rick, if you agree with that or not. And then you have to find a guy that competes. What do you mean by that? Well, it means that he’s gonna go through the whistle.”

The Villain Mentality in Action: Jahmyr Gibbs

A prime example of the “villain” mentality in action is Jahmyr Gibbs, whom the Lions selected as the 12th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Despite initial doubts about drafting a running back so high, Gibbs’ unique skill set as both a running back and a receiver has proven to be a significant advantage. Spielman described Gibbs as a “matchup nightmare,” capable of posing serious challenges for opposing defenses and perfectly fitting the “villain” role envisioned by Holmes.

“Everybody said, ‘Oh my gosh, you took a running back?’ Well, yeah, we did, but Jahmyr is going to be much more than a running back,” Spielman noted. “He has some wide receiver skills…so he’s a matchup nightmare… a problem.”

Building a Roster of Disruptors

The “villain” label, as explained by Chris Spielman, is thus attributed to players who are strategically difficult to defend and create significant challenges for their opponents. This approach reflects the Lions’ goal of constructing a team filled with versatile, competitive athletes who can disrupt the opposition and embody the disruptive traits the organization seeks to instill.

Villain: A Strategic Vision for the Future

Understanding the origin and implications of the “villain” mentality provides a clearer picture of the Lions’ innovative strategy for assembling a competitive team. While the initial mystery surrounding the term may have faded, fans now grasp how this mentality influences the team’s draft decisions and shapes its future direction. The Lions are focused on building a formidable roster that can embrace and thrive in the role of being the challenging force in the NFL.

Written by W.G. Brady

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