Chris Spielman reveals why Sheila Ford Hamp stole his office

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As you know, the Detroit Lions have cleaned house and a new regime has been put in place to hopefully lead the team to a Super Bowl.

One piece of the new regime is former Lions’ LB Chris Spielman who has been hired as a special assistant to the owner and CEO, Sheila Ford Hamp.

On Tuesday morning, Spielman joined Mike Stone and Jon Jansen on the Stoney & Jansen with Heather show and he talked about how involved Sheila has been with the team and why his office has already been moved.

Spielman told Stone and Jansen that Sheila has already sat in on offensive and defensive free agent personnel meetings. He added that his office has already been moved down the hall closer to the exit door because Sheila wanted his office so that she could be in a more central location.

“Sheila has been involved by being in all these personnel meetings,” Spielman said. “She’s sat in two days of offensive free agency meetings and two days of defensive free-agency meetings.”

Spielman went on to add that though Sheila always has the final say as the owner, all personnel decisions will be made by GM Brad Holmes and head coach, Dan Campbell.

None of this should come as much of a surprise as when Sheila was first hired, she made it clear that she planned to be very involved with the team.

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