Chris Webber reveals when Fab Five reunion will take place

When Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson burst onto the scene at Michigan in the early 90s, they were simply known as the Fab Five. The way the five played together for two seasons with the Wolverines was a sight to behold. In fact, it seemed like the Fab Five would be a close-knit group for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case at all as following their NCAA Championship Game run in 1993, Webber was banned from Michigan up until 2013 as a result of sanctions related to the Ed Martin scandal.

But now, according to Webber, the Fab Five are about to reunite.

During an interview with Shams Charania of The Athletic, Webber revealed that the entire Fab Five will be together this coming weekend at the Naismith Hall of Fame. That’s right folks, Rose, Howard, King, and Jackson will all be in town to honor Webber as he is being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Webber also told The Athletic that the University of Michigan wants to formally honor the Fab Five one day at Michigan.

It sure will be good to see Webber, Rose, Howard, King, and Jackson back together again!


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