Cleveland Browns release Brock Osweiler hype video that will make you laugh

As fans of the Detroit Lions, we certainly know what it is like to suffer along with our football team when they are complete garbage. *See 2008 0-and-16 season.

If the Lions were to make a hype video for a player leading up to that miserable campaign, Calvin Johnson likely would have been their feature guy.

Well, the Lions have been doing much better later (still no playoff win, but better), and it’s the Cleveland Browns who have taken over as the laughing stock of the NFL world. In the past 18 seasons, the Browns have only managed to finish with a winning record on two occasions (2002 and 2007) and they don’t look like they will turn things around anytime soon.

In 2016, the Browns were the worst team in the NFL as the finished 1-15 but apparently, they think the 2017 season will better because of their new quarterback, Brock Osweiler.

On Monday evening, the Browns tweeted out a Brock Osweiler hype video that has us scratching our heads and wondering if they realize who he is.

Check it out.

Ok, if the Browns want to be excited while their team is still 0-0, that’s absolutely fine. But if they truly think that Osweiler is worthy of a hype video, they are sorely mistaken.

In 2016, with the Houston Texans, Osweiler started 14 games. During those games, he only completed 59% of his passes while throwing more interceptions than touchdowns (15 tds and 16 ints).

Not surprisingly, the hype video the Browns tweeted out is only 35 seconds long and does not include a single throw that will impress anyone.

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