Coach Caldwell discusses Broyles Tweets, role with team

Ryan Broyles has always had a tendency to write inspirational themed tweets. After the game on Sunday – he chose to put himself out there once again, commenting on what many believe is his lack of play and his potential future.

In today’s press conference, Coach Caldwell was asked about Broyles and what he thought about the tweets:

On WR Ryan Broyles voicing his opinion about his role on the team through social media outlets: “It’s also kind of the way you interpret it, I think if you look at overall his tweets through the years. He’s a guy that believes in motivation and he’ll send things out that I think you can take a number of different ways. It just so happened that at the timing of that particular tweet you can take it one way or another. You’ll have to ask him for his direct intention but overall I think things like that guys do express themselves, but I think that’s the world in which we live in. We talk about those issues and that kind of stuff but they typically are things where guys are voicing their opinion.”

On how he interpreted Broyles’ tweet: “I didn’t read his tweet to be honest with you, so I wouldn’t lend myself interpretation to it. Let me just put it this way, if there’s any point in time and I do think it’s my responsibility to make certain guys know if they’re feeling a little bit uncomfortable about where they are, where they line up, what their position is, or how they play in terms of their role, they should come and talk with one of the assistant coaches, then to the coordinator, then to me. My door is always open, we have an open door policy and I think you’ll find that not to be the norm with this particular group. Nevertheless that’s as much our issue as it is his. We got to make certain he understands where he is, why he is where he is and cover that clearly as brutally honest as we can be.”

We got to make certain he understands where he is, why he is where he is and cover that clearly as brutally honest as we can be

On if Broyles has come to discuss his role with him: “We’ve not had a conversation, not me in particular. Like I said, I believe in a chain of command. So, that’s where I think we are right now.”

On why Broyles has not had more opportunities given the minimal production from the other wide receivers: “First of all, in terms of minimal production I’d say a lot of that is not because of the fact of the receivers. There’s a lot of factors involved in that, you know. It kind of all boils down to the same thing. Our passing game has not been as productive as we’d like to see it and it’s not as productive as you’re going to see it. Just like the question was asked about getting the tight ends more involved, when it’s not working well there’s going to be a lot of things that you could suggest. It’s our job to try and get it right and that’s what we’re working on.”


Quotes courtesy of the Detroit Lions

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