Coaches Challenge rule to be looked at before playoffs

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The rule that contributed to the Lions loss to the Houston Texans Thanksgiving night is getting a second look from the NFL a little earlier than expected.

CBS is reporting that internal sources within the Competition Committee claim that in the wake of this controversial rule coming into play twice in a five-day span, the rule may be changed before playoffs begin.

The group is likely to recommend this rule be changed at the next league meeting, Dec. 12 in Dallas.

The rule that is being looked at is as follows:

 Coaches’ Challenge: In each game, a team will be permitted two challenge that will initiate instant replay reviews, except for plays when the on-field ruling is a score for either team, an interception, a fumble or backward pass that is recovered by an opponent or goes out of bounds through an opponent’s end zone, or a muffed scrimmage kick recovered by the kicking team. A team is also prohibited from challenging any ruling after the two-minute warning of each half, and throughout any overtime period. Each challenge will require the use of a team timeout. If a challenge is upheld, the timeout will be restored to the challenging team. A challenge will only be restored if a team is successful on both of its challenges, in which case it shall be awarded a third challenge, but a fourth challenge will not be permitted under any circumstances. A team may challenge an on-field ruling up until the the next legal snap or kick. If there is a foul that delays the next snap, the team committing that foul will no longer be able to challenge the previous ruling. No challenges will be recognized from a team that has exhausted its time outs. A team that is out of timeouts or has used all of its available challenges may not attempt to initiate an additional challenge.

Penalty: For initiating a challenge when a team is prohibited from doing so: Loss of 15 yards.

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