Colin Cowherd is fed up with Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh

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The Michigan Wolverines suffered an embarrassing defeat on their own turf Saturday afternoon against the in-state rival Michigan State Spartans, who had just come off an embarrassing loss of their own to Rutgers the previous week.

The Spartans victory over the Wolverines was the first win for new head coach Mel Tucker, who is only in his second year of collegiate coaching. He out dueled veteran Jim Harbaugh, who is feeling the heat from the Wolverines fan base and media members.

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And you can go ahead and add another notable media figure to the list of people who have just about had it with Harbaugh’s underwhelming performance with Michigan, which consists of a single Bowl win, an 0-5 record against Ohio State, a pedestrian 3-3 record against Michigan State, and zero College Football Playoff appearances.

FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd stated on his show “The Herd” that Harbaugh’s performance just isn’t good enough and that he’s out of excuses.

“I like Jim Harbaugh more than everyone else and this is not good enough,” Cowherd said. “You can’t lose as a 20 point favorite to Michigan State. You can’t. You’re not going to get fired but you know what’s funny about Harbaugh as much as I like him? Why can’t he get the quarterback right? You were an NFL quarterback. He got it right at Stanford, he got it right at San Diego, in San Francisco, he won with (Colin) Kaepernick. They’re not special at quarterback. They’re just not getting it right there. Frankly, week to week, one week they look great and the other they look awful.”

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“What makes great coaching is not just wins and losses. Do I get the same football team every week? With Harbaugh, you do not. Sometimes you can be a highly effective, highly emotional, highly physical team and then this, they were just flat. They weren’t ready to play. We all have bad weeks, bad shows, bad games, but so far, he’s better than Brady Hoke but he’s not consistently good. No more excuses by the way. These are all his players. This is his staff, his coaches, his players. You can’t lose that game. Mel Tucker is playing with someone else’s players. Bad.

Are you with Cowherd on this one?

– – Quotes via Nick Kosko of 247Sports Link – –