Colin Cowherd throws shade at Detroit Lions new head coach Dan Campbell

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On Wednesday, Dan Campbell put his pen to paper as he signed a 6-year deal to become the next head coach of the Detroit Lions and on Thursday, he will be formally introduced via a press conference.

By all accounts, Campbell, who was formerly the assistant head coach/TE coach for the New Orleans Saints, is a great motivator who is loved by his former players, including many who have come out and said they would run through a brick wall for him.

But Campbell’s hire has caused quite a bit of uneasiness and doubt among a portion of the media and the Lions’ fan base.

One national media member who does not like the hire at all is Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports, who took the opportunity on Wednesday to throw some major shade at Campbell/

“Yeah, this is not one of those I would get behind,” Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd said on Wednesday. “I would say most of the hires — at least you could argue. Arthur Smith to Atlanta, I could. Whether it works or not, you could make the argument for it. This one, I can’t.”

“I’m not a huge fan of this move, Joy (Taylor),” Cowherd said. “Now that Cleveland has righted the ship — and I think they have — this is what we looked at and saw with you for 20 years, when you would get defensive. All you Browns fans would get defensive. This is what you were. Hiring Freddie Kitchens. That’s not a head coach.”

Nation, do you agree or disagree with Cowherd?

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3 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd throws shade at Detroit Lions new head coach Dan Campbell”

  1. I disagree with Colin Cowherd you never know if you have the right coach until you see how it plays out on the field. No one team can say it’s right they can say it feels right, but no one really knows until it all comes together in the game. I wasn’t sold on this but hey I’m a fan.

  2. I’m actually feeling better about it after the press conference. One knock we’ve had since Schwartz was we were soft and you can see that won’t happen under him. We’re in a Bully Division and Now we gotta become 1 to win like we want too. So let’s get it! But hoping we Keep Stafford. If not Better not be for anything less than A 1st this year plus other picks. He is Absolutely Worth that.

  3. Not buying the WWE attitude. For a HC just say we will be tougher than before. Talk is cheap. Show us this year before telling us you want to hurt other guys without getting penalties…. Others hired so far look great. Dorsey too to help front office.

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