Was Monday night’s Championship Game the best EVER?


College football fans have truly been spoiled each of the past two seasons. Not only have we gotten the same match-up in the final game for consecutive seasons, but who would have imagined that this year’s edition could have matched or even topped the 2016 form?

Monday night’s epic game down in Tampa that swung in favor of the Clemson Tigers 35-31 proved to be just that. In doing so, they earned redemption from last year’s loss on the same stage to the Alabama Crimson Tide, effectively dethroning the Tide (at least for a year) and officially validating themselves finally as one of the very few, truly elite programs in college football right now.

It’d be a very safe argument to say that these last two title games are the best set of back-to-back title games, possibly ever. But Monday’s tilt was so insanely amazing, people around the country are speculating on whether or not it was the best college football game EVER, let alone a championship game.

Early feedback on social media suggest that we witnessed television history on Monday night:


The jury is still out for plenty, however. This next crop of tweets are quoting Billy Madison. “I disagree, I think [insert game ‘A’ here] is good, but I think [insert game ‘B’ here] is the best game ever.”


What say you, Nation? Where does Monday night’s Clemson-Alabama sequel rank on your list of greatest college football games of all-time?