Go Green! East Lansing rated No. 2 football city, Ann Arbor 29th


As a Michigan State fan, it is my pleasure to announce that East Lansing has been rated the second-best football city in the country!… by Wallethub.

According to CBS Detroit, “The study ranked 142 cities based on 11 criteria, including number of NFL or FBS teams there, the performance quality of those teams, ticket prices, the friendliness of fans in that location, stadium accessibility, and sports bars per capita.” This study put the Michigan State Spartans at No. 2 right behind Green Bay, Wisconsin and had Ann Arbor dropped down to 29th.

Here is the original list of all 142 cities from Wallethub.com.

In terms of the state of Michigan overall, “East Lansing ranked fourth in the category of most friendly and engaged college football fans, while Ann Arbor – home of the Michigan Wolverines – landed in fifth place.

Overall, however, Ann Arbor ranked 29th. Detroit, where the Lions play, almost cracked the top 50, landing in 53rd.”

Spartan Stadium averaged 72,328 fans per game to be ranked 20th in the country in attendance.


Michigan Stadium had the biggest average crowd in the country with 111, 592 fans per game.


Needless to say, the football scene in the Mitten State is alive and well, with all three teams looking on the upswing. It is good to see these cities finally being recognized for the football hubs that they are and it is a testament to the real football power that is the State of Michigan.