The University of Mississippi has placed self-imposed sanctions against both their women’s basketball team and their football team in the form of a post-season ban and forfeited scholarships respectively.

This isn’t the first time that these NCAA allegations have run through the news however. Below is an article from January 30th 2016 on previous allegations against the university.

Ole Miss notified of ongoing NCAA investigation into three varsity sports, including football

According to ESPN’s report, the sanctions came as a response to an NCAA notice of allegations. The report states:

“In a 154-page response to the NCAA, Ole Miss announced that it had self-imposed the loss of 11 total scholarships in football over a four-year period from 2015-18, including a reduction of three initial scholarships in each of its next three recruiting classes, which would allow the school to sign a maximum of 22 players in each class.”

The women’s basketball team has already served their post-season ban. There will be ongoing sanctions with transfers, scholarships, and recruiting visits imposed as well according to a seperate SB Nation report.

Here is an infographic from the SB Nation report detailing all of the sanctions and allegations imposed on the Ole Miss Rebels.