Colston Loveland: Why He Chose to Stay at Michigan Amid Harbaugh’s Exit

Michigan’s Colston Loveland Reflects on Staying Post-Harbaugh

After a perfect 15-0 season culminating in a National Championship win over Washington, Michigan Wolverines tight end Colston Loveland faced a pivotal decision. With head coach Jim Harbaugh departing for the Los Angeles Chargers, the team was at a crossroads.

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Facing Uncertainty

Loveland, considered one of the top tight ends in college football, recounted the uncertainty during this period. “Coach [Harbaugh] was leaving, and he ended up taking a couple of coaches with him,” Loveland said. “Amongst myself and other leaders on the team, it was tough. We had thoughts in the back of our mind like, ‘man, do we look and see what the transfer portal is looking like?’ Just looking at what was in front of us.”

Choosing to Stay Together

Ultimately, Loveland and his teammates chose to stay together. “We overcame it by all of the leaders, the team, coming together. It was uncomfortable at first, but that’s all we needed. Let’s get in a room and let’s talk, and just see where everyone’s head is at. Obviously, no one left. We stayed strong, stayed together,” he said.

Rumors had circulated that Michigan might lose key players to the transfer portal, with Loveland’s name often mentioned alongside others like Will Johnson, Mason Graham, and Kenneth Grant. Despite this, the team’s leaders displayed maturity and commitment by deciding to finish what they had started at the University of Michigan.

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Looking Ahead

The Wolverines will now look to replicate their success with their key leaders intact, aiming for another strong season in 2024. Loveland and his teammates’ decision to stay demonstrates their dedication to the program and their desire to build on their national championship victory.

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