Complete list of the Detroit Tigers’ 2014 draft class

_________________DAY 1_________________ 

1. Derek Hill, CF, Elk Grove (Calif.) HS [SIGNED]

2. Spencer Turnbull, RHP, University of Alabama 

_________________DAY 2_________________ 

3. Grayson Greiner, C, University of South Carolina [SIGNED]

4. Adam Ravenelle, RHP, Vanderbilt 

5. Shane Zeile, C, UCLA 

6. Ross Kivett, CF, Kansas State [SIGNED]

7. Joey Pankake, 3B, University of South Carolina [SIGNED]

8. Artie Lewicki, RHP, University of Virginia 

9. Josh Laxer, RHP, Ole Miss 

10. Paul Voelker, RHP, Dallas Baptist [SIGNED]

_________________DAY 3_________________ 

11. A.J. Ladwig, RHP, Wichita State [SIGNED]

12. Garrett Mattlage, SS, Texas State University 

13. Will Allen, C, Ole Miss 

14. Josh Heddinger, RHP, Georgia Tech (pictured above) [SIGNED]

15. Michael Gerber, CF, Creighton [SIGNED]

16. Chase Rader, 3B, Coffeyville (KS) CC 

17. Corey Baptist, 1B, St. Petersburg (FL) College [SIGNED]

18. Will Maddox, 3B, Tennessee [SIGNED]

19. Parker French, RHP, Texas 

20. Trent Szkutnik, LHP, University of Michigan [SIGNED]

21. Whit Mayberry, RHP, University of Virginia 

22. Michael Thomas, C, Kentucky [SIGNED]

23. Brett Pirtle, 2B, Mississippi State [SIGNED]

24. Gabe Hemmer, RHP, San Diego Christian College [SIGNED]

25. Gage Smith, RHP, Florida State University [SIGNED]

26. Jack Fisher, RHP, Wake Forest [SIGNED]

27. Tyler Ford, LHP, University of Houston [SIGNED]

28. Will Kengor, SS, Slippery Rock (PA) [SIGNED]

29. Jacob Butler, RHP, St. Francis (IL) [SIGNED]

30. Spenser Watkins, RHP, Western Oregon Univ. [SIGNED]

31. Grant Reuss, LHP, Bloomfield Hills (MI) Cranbrook Kingswood HS 

32. Kenton St. John, LHP, University of South Alabama [SIGNED]

33. Jonathan Perrin, RHP, Oklahoma State 

34. Sammy Stevens, C, Birmingham (MI) Brother Rice HS 

35. Dave Hollins, 3B, Orchard Park (NY) HS 

36. Nate Fury, RHP, Louisiana State [SIGNED]

37. Patrick Mahomes, RHP, Whitehouse (TX) HS 

38. Magglio Ordonez, 1B, American Heritage (FL) School 

39. Taylor Sanagorski, C, Bishop Carroll Catholic (KS) HS 

40. Alex Faedo, RHP, Alonso Senior HS (FL)

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