Concussions, A DSN Exclusive – Part 3: Prevention And The Future Of Sports

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Concussions have been a hot topic in the sports world in recent years. Increasing research and findings of progressive health issues associated with concussions are forcing us to rethink our priorities regarding sports participation. There are cultural implications as well. The game of football is extremely popular and ingrained in American culture. Do we have a responsibility to make the game we love safer?

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DSN reached out to Dr. Elizabeth Sandel and Dr. Jon Lieff, both of whom are experts in the field of concussions and brain injury, for some scientific answers to our questions about this topic.

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Part 1: What Is A Concussion dealt specifically with the definition of the injury and provide an excellent starting point for discussion. Part 2: Symptoms and Treatment answered questions about what to look for when attempting to diagnose a concussion. The doctors also provided some insight into what the long term effects might be from concussions, multiple concussions, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

We are fortunate to have such experts in the medical field help us better understand this important topic. We certainly appreciate their time and effort they’ve given in answering our questions. Before we proceed, it’s important to read this general comment about concussions and our culture from Dr. Sandel:

It is crucial to get the word out about the risks of concussion and other more severe brain injuries, and to promote a national conversation about how to lower our risks. Could we start promoting team and other sports for young people that have lower risks of concussion, such as swimming, bowling, badminton, table tennis, tennis, or crew, for example? How about training children to properly ride bicycles to decrease the risk of falling when going downhill or on a curve and to avoid high risk environments? Might we give tips to parents for how to avoid calamity on the playground? How about our elderly parents? Could we make sure our elderly parents’ environments are as safe as possible that they have the proper assistive devices?

Click ahead for the answers to our final round of questions.

NFL Week 1 discussion
NFL Week 1 discussion
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