Could Adam Schefter’s silence be a sign for Detroit Lions?

As you have likely heard by now, it sounds like the Detroit Lions will soon hire Dan Campbell of the New Orleans Saints to be their next head coach.

Personally, I am confident that this news is true as it was confirmed by both Jay Glazer and Ian Rapoport and Dave Birkett tweeted out that it is 99.9% happening.

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But, a tweet just came across from Erik Schlitt from LionsWire is pretty interesting, especially when you look at how things normally go down when news breaks.

Generally speaking, local Lions beat writers rarely tweet out breaking news. Instead, it is the national guys like Rapoport, Tom Pelissero, and Adam Schefter who get out the news first, which is then retweeted by everyone else…including us.

For example, when big NFL news breaks, one of those three (sometimes somebody else) will tweet it out and within seconds, the same thing will be tweeted by the others. Those tweets will then be retweeted seconds later by the local beat writers and bloggers.

Anyways, Schlitt pointed out in a recent tweet something very interesting.

“Both Glazer and Rap have come out and said it’ll be Dan Campbell, then 2 sentences later walk it back a bit and say “likely. All things seems to point to Campbell, but the wording in these reports has been suspect. Also, no Schefter yet.”

We have reached out to Schefter to try to get clarification as to why he has not joined in to tweet out the Campbell to the Lions report but have not gotten a response yet.

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Nation, could Schefter’s silence end up speaking volumes about what the Lions will do in regards to Campbell?

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