Could Detroit Lions RB Jamaal Williams be on the chopping block?

    Heading into the 2022 season, Detroit Lions running Jamaal Williams was supposed to serve as the team's backup running back to starter, D'Andre Swift. Instead, with Swift being hurt for most of the season, Williams has been called upon to carry the load and he has done a solid job, with the exception of a pair of fumbles with past Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. Despite Williams' value to the team, could he be on the chopping block?

    Writer suggests Detroit Lions trade RB Jamaal Williams

    On Thursday, Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports released an article in which he takes a look at one player each team in the NFL should trade before the November 1 trade deadline.

    As far as the Lions go, Benjamin believes they should trade Jamaal Williams.

    Here is Benjamin's rationale for the Lions moving on from Williams prior to the upcoming deadline.

    The former Packers veteran brings some spice to the backfield and has been getting more work with D'Andre Swift injured, but he's on the final year of his contract for a team at least another year away from competing. There's little reason not to shop him; he'd make a fine secondary piece for a contender.

    Via Cody Benjamin – CBS Sports

    Will the Lions trade Jamaal Williams?

    Jamaal Williams Detroit Lions

    Personally, I really do not think there is much of a chance at all that the Lions trade Jamaal Williams.

    First of all, with D'Andre Swift seemingly being either banged up, or not available at all on a weekly basis, Williams has been needed, and for the most part, he has shown he can get the job done.

    Second, Williams is one of the leaders on the Lions, and trading him away, especially considering the Lions would not get much in return, would not send a great message to the rest of the locker room.

    I get it that people are looking for articles to write about the trade deadline but this one just does not make much sense at all.

    Nation, what do you think? Would you trade Jamaal Williams if you were the Lions?

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