Could Detroit Red Wings poach Austin Matthews from Maple Leafs?

According to Nolan Bianchi of the Detroit News, the Detroit Red Wings are gearing up for a significant trade this summer, but the challenge lies in finding a willing trade partner. However, based on the early offseason activities, there may be several teams open to striking a deal. With a roster in need of a reliable goal-scorer, the Red Wings have a long list of star players to consider. While the list of available players is still evolving as playoffs progress and teams evaluate their needs and financial situations, there are several intriguing options. One prominent name that emerges is Austin Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Austin Matthews Detroit Red Wings

Key Points

  • The Detroit Red Wings could be preparing for a significant trade this summer.
  • Numerous teams could be potential trade partners for the Red Wings.
  • The Red Wings are in search of a bona fide goal-scorer.
  • List of available players evolving as playoffs progress and teams reassess their needs.
  • Austin Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs emerges as an intriguing trade possibility.
  • Recent changes in the Maple Leafs' front office add uncertainty to Matthews' future.
  • The possibility of trade discussions arises if Matthews remains unsigned and Leafs seek to avoid losing him for nothing.

How could Austin Matthews become available for the Detroit Red Wings?

With the recent shakeup in the Maple Leafs' front office, including the departure of general manager Kyle Dubas, there could be uncertainty surrounding Matthews' future. With one year left on his contract and a no-movement clause set to activate, the question arises: Could the new Leafs GM entertain the idea of trading the talented forward? While Toronto aims to retain Matthews, there is always the possibility that trade discussions could be sparked if a suitable offer arises.

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From Detroit News:

Let's get the monster name out in the open first. The Maple Leafs' front office has been shaken, with general manager Kyle Dubas not being brought back. How will that affect Matthews, who has one year at $11.6 million left on his contract and has a full no-movement clause kicking in July 1? If Matthews isn't extended, would the new Leafs GM consider trading the former 60-goal scorer and NHL Most Valuable Player?

Bottom Line – Trading for Greatness

The swirling rumors of a potential trade between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs, with Austin Matthews at the center of it, have ignited speculation and excitement. Acquiring a player of Matthews' caliber would instantly elevate the Red Wings' scoring prowess and provide a significant boost to their competitive ambitions. On the other hand, the Maple Leafs face the challenging task of balancing the desire to retain Matthews' exceptional talent while considering the potential value they could gain from a trade. Personally, I just cannot imagine the Maple Leafs parting ways with one of the best players in the sport, but if anyone can make it happen, it's Steve Yzerman.

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