Could Jared Goff get traded to the Seattle Seahawks?

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Jared Goff

When the Detroit Lions dealt QB Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for QB Jared Goff and three draft picks (including two first-round picks), many fans and experts believed Goff would be a filler until the Lions could find their starting QB of the future.

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But Lions GM Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell have made it clear that they both seem to believe they can win with Goff as their starting signal-caller.

“Jared played good football for us late in the year, so we have a lot of optimism about Jared going forward, so we have a quarterback,” Holmes said. “If you’re asking, like, why did not we not kind of hop into that world (of quarterback movement this offseason), we’re happy with where Jared’s at right now. We’re looking forward to him having a productive year for us.”

Despite what Holmes and Campbell are saying to the media about Goff, the 2022 regular season will determine whether he is their starting QB in 2023 and possibly beyond that.

Could Jared Goff get traded to the Seattle Seahawks?

As I was surfing the internet, I came across an article written by Tim Weaver of SeahawksWire in which he suggests six quarterbacks who could be a trade target of the Seattle Seahawks.

On that list in the No. 6 position is Jared Goff.

Here is what Weaver had to say about Goff being a potential trade target for the Seahawks:

Pros: If nothing else, Goff at least KnOwS tHe SyStEm from his time playing with the Los Angeles Rams, who run a very similar offensive scheme to Shane Waldron’s. Goff also may be getting better with age, as he managed a respectable 19/8 touchdown to interception ratio last year with the Lions.

Cons: Even if he looked better last season he’s still Jared Goff – and few fanbases know the flaws in his game better than Seattle’s. Goff is essentially a jugs machine – he can throw accurately to one spot on the field, but he has almost no ability to improvise whatsoever, which makes him extremely turnover prone and vulnerable against pressure. In 83 career games in the NFL, Goff has thrown 63 interceptions to go with 51 fumbles. He also has an ugly contract with cap hits over $30 million each of the next three years.

Technically, Jared Goff has moved up to No. 5 on this list as the No. 2 quarterback, Baker Mayfield, has been shipped to the Carolina Panthers, so he is no longer in the mix.

Though there is almost always a non-zero chance of a player being traded in the NFL, I would be absolutely stunned if the Lions traded Goff to the Seattle Seahawks prior to the 2022 season.

To be honest, I really did not even want to write this article because I thought we were past the Goff trade talk but since some people can’t let it go, I offer this.

If the Detroit Lions trade Jared Goff to the Seattle Seahawks prior to the 2022 season, I will retire from writing! (Some of you would love this. My family would not!)

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