Could Matthew Stafford be traded back to the NFC North?

If this happens, Matthew Stafford would have to square off against his former teams twice each season.

In a recent article by Connor Orr, he presents his 100 predictions for the 2023 NFL season, and one of them focuses on the potential of former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford dealt to a team coached by a disciple of Los Angeles Rams head coach, Sean McVay. He suggests that the mutual respect between Stafford and McVay could lead to them eventually working together on the sidelines. Orr suggests the Minnesota Vikings could be a trade destination for Stafford.

Matthew Stafford

Could Matthew Stafford be traded back to the NFC North?

If the team's competitiveness in the near future is in question, Orr believes McVay may not hesitate to move Stafford to a title contender. As an example, Orr mentions the Minnesota Vikings, who might consider Stafford if they encounter a quarterback injury or start planning for a future beyond Kirk Cousins. If Stafford were to return to the NFC North, it would add an intriguing dynamic as he would face off against his former team, the Lions.

“I think Stafford and McVay will someday end up somewhere on a sideline coaching together. The mutual respect they have is evident. So much so that I can’t imagine McVay wanting to keep Stafford on the roster if the team isn’t going to be competitive in the very near future. Just about every team has a McVay guy on staff and, thus, a not-so-difficult process of ferrying Stafford across the country to a title contender. Perhaps the Vikings will sustain an injury at the quarterback position or are starting to get serious about life after Kirk Cousins. Just an example.”

Key Points

  • Connor Orr predicts that Matthew Stafford could be traded
  • The potential trade could involve a team coached by a Sean McVay disciple.
  • The mutual respect between Stafford and McVay could play a role in the potential reunion.
  • Orr suggests the Minnesota Vikings as an example of a team that could be interested in Stafford.
  • If the trade were to happen, Stafford would face his former team, the Detroit Lions.

Bottom Line: Revisiting familiar territory

The possibility of Matthew Stafford returning to the NFC North brings a sense of familiarity and intrigue. It raises questions about the dynamics of reunions and the impact on both Stafford's career and the teams involved. If a trade were to occur, it would not only reshape the quarterback landscape but also add an extra layer of competition within the division. Additionally, the potential collaboration between Stafford and a Sean McVay disciple holds promise for future coaching opportunities. This situation highlights the interconnected nature of the NFL and how individual player movements can have broader implications for teams and the league as a whole.