Could Matthew Stafford soon reunite with former Detroit Lions HC Matt Patricia?

Matthew Stafford has requested to be traded by the Detroit Lions and as long as the Lions can get fair market value in return, he will soon be shipped to the highest bidder.

The question is, who will bring the best offer to the table to land Stafford?

According to Justin Rogers of The Detroit News, the New England Patriots, who just brought back former Lions head coach Matt Patricia, could be a potential landing spot for Stafford.

Rogers suggests that Stafford wants to win and that heading to the Patriots, even if it means reuniting with Patricia, would be beneficial.

Here is what Rogers has to say about the potential trade, including what the Lions would potentially ask for in return.

New England Patriots

Stafford wasn’t a big fan of the Patriot way, and he and former head coach Matt Patricia got off to a rocky start before smoothing things out the last two seasons working together. That said, there’s nothing Stafford wants more than to win and attaching himself to Bill Belichick would be beneficial to both player and coach. 

The Patriots aren’t as bad as their record suggests from this past season. People forget how many of their defenders opted out of the 2020 campaign. And while no one is going to write a glowing review of New England’s offensive weapons, Stafford could certainly draw more out of them than they’ve given to this point. 

The Patriots have the cap space to make a bold strike, as well as draft assets to dangle in front of the Lions. 

► Asking price: First-round (No. 15) and fourth-round picks in 2021.

Nation, would you make this deal? If you were Stafford would you want to play for the Patriots?