Could Scotty Bowman return to the Detroit Red Wings?

Scotty Bowman is no longer with the Chicago Blackhawks and plenty of fans want to see him return to the Detroit Red Wings.

On Tuesday, Scotty Bowman announced that he was parting ways with the Chicago Blackhawks, after 14 years as their senior hockey operations adviser.

Bowman decided to leave the Blackhawks after what he called a “pretty uncomfortable year.”

Back in October, Bowman's son Stan, who was the Blackhawks' general manager at the time, stepped down after an investigation into the Blackhawks' mishandling of sexual assault allegations showed that he knew what was going on.

“It was a pretty uncomfortable year because of Stan’s thing, getting let go, and I stayed on for the year and tried to keep going as much as I could, which I think I did,” Bowman told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “It’s been a good ride. I mean, you don’t get the chance to work with your son all the time. Naturally you have your differences of opinion, but I got to know the personnel on the team, and it was a good ride to be able to see this team develop and everything else.”

Could Scotty Bowman return to the Detroit Red Wings?

As soon as Scotty Bowman tweeted out that he is no longer working for the Blackhawks, but that he still wanted to stay involved in the game of hockey, some suggested he returns to the Detroit Red Wings.

“I am no longer working for the Chicago Blackhawks as of July 1 as I decided it was time to move on. Still love the game and would like to stay involved.” 

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Scotty Bowman is now 89 years old but if he is interested in coming back to the Detroit Red Wings as an advisor, you can bet GM Steve Yzerman would welcome him back with open arms.

Nation, would you like to see Scotty Bowman return to the Detroit Red Wings, where he won three Stanley Cups as their head coach?