Could the Detroit Lions soon lose their best coach?

When it comes to the Detroit Lions coaching staff, there really are not a ton of good things to say. Head coach Matt Patricia has not come close to living up to expectations, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has been nothing to call home about, and defensive coordinator Cory Undlin has trouble counting to 11. (Or at least teaching his players to do so).

But one Lions' coach, or should I say, coordinator, who has been doing a solid job is special teams coordinator, Brayden Coombs.

When the Lions hired Coombs away from the Cincinnati Bengals, pretty much everybody and their brother raved about what a great hire it would end up being.

When looking at advanced special teams' stats, the Lions special teams unit has not been great, but they have certainly been solid…other than Matt Prater forgetting how to kick. Not only do the Lions lead the league in blocked punts but they also have the best punter in the NFL.

Because of this, Coombs has been mentioned by some as an up and coming coach, who could soon become a head coaching candidate.

One person who believes that is NFL reporter, Tom Pelissero, who recently published an article where he looks at young, up and coming coaches who could end up landing a head coaching gig sooner than later.

Included in Pelissero's article was Brayden Coombs, who was included in the “Others to watch in coming years” section.

Coombs, who is still just 34-years-old, may still be a bit too young still to land a head coaching gig in 2021, but do not be surprised if he ends up leaving the Lions in the near future to run a team.

Hey, here is an idea, maybe the Lions should fire Matt Patricia immediately and allow Coombs a shot to run the show on an interim basis for the second half of the season. You know, see how he handles things and if ownership likes what they see, promote him to head coach for the 2021 season.

That sounds like a solid idea to me, which means there is no chance the Lions will do it.