Cowboys Fans Get In Wild Brawl At AT&T Stadium watch party [Video]

Ah, yes, another NFL game and another brawl. Folks, is it just me, or have there been more brawls at sporting events than ever before? Anyways, on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys were in California to take on the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. If you watched the game, you are aware that the Cowboys has zero fight in them as they were beaten by the 49ers. But, to say the Cowboys' fans did not have any fight in them would be incorrect as a wild brawl broke out at an AT&T Stadium watch party.

Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium Brawl

What happened with Cowboys fans at AT&T Stadium?

As you are about to see in the videos below, things got a bit ugly during the Cowboys' watch party.

Big Picture

Folks, the bottom line is that the Dallas Cowboys ARE NOT “America's Team” any longer. The Cowboys' nickname “America's Team” was created by the legendary voice of NFL Films John Facenda, but it is no longer applicable as more people hate them than love them.

  • The Cowboys lost because they are trash
  • Cowboys fans are also trash, as they proved by fighting each other
  • The Cowgirls are out of the playoffs, which is a HUGE win for everyone!
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