Who is currently the Face of Detroit Sports? (Answer revealed)

Miguel Cabrera? Matthew Stafford? Blake Griffin? Dylan Larkin?

Which of those players would you consider to be the current face of Detroit sports? Or, is there somebody else who should take the honors?

Well, this is a debate that was brought up on Thursday evening by James Edwards III of the Athletic while he and some of his fellow writers were discussing it over dinner.

The Athletic (pay site) ended up publishing the debate on Friday as a Roundtable piece and Chris Burke, Cody Stavenhagen, Craig Custance, Max Bultman, and Edwards all shared their thoughts on the subject with Larkin and Stafford each getting two votes.

Personally, my vote (and it was easy) went to Matthew Stafford and as you can see below, the Lions’ signal-caller easily won the vote.



























Nation, who do you think is the current face of Detroit sports?


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