Dallas Cowboys fly in their own benches for game vs. Washington Football Team [Photos]

Leave it to Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys to think of something like this.

Take a look at the photo below and as you can see, the Cowboys actually flew in their own sideline benches for today’s game vs. the Washington Football Team.

As noted by Mitchell Tischler, this is the first time a team has ever done this at FedEx Field.

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4 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys fly in their own benches for game vs. Washington Football Team [Photos]”

  1. I used to be a devoted fan of the Dallas Cowboys win or lose. But ever since Jerry bought the team and ruined it by firing the legendary Tom Landry and running off a few other key components to the team I have really gone sour on his handling of the team. Then came years of hiring coaches and firing coaches, only to realize he was making himself and the franchise look bad so he sticks with Jason Garret for 10 years before firing him. So no what? Will the cycle start again?
    Fly your benches to the games, I and MANY others are not impressed.

    • Well Jerry didn’t actually ‘fire’ Landry…… part of the agreement was that the previous owner as a condition of the sale gave Jones no choice….

  2. I think that Jerry Jones flying in his own benches was cool.That didn’t change the outcome of the game. Instead of people focusing on the Washington football team losing in their own stadium, y’all are talking about something that’s irrelevant.

  3. Fans of other teams should worry about their own team. The cowboys are 9 – 4 ,first place in the NFC EAST, that’s what’s happening right now, it’s always cowboys haters who have something to say. Get over it !

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