Dan Campbell comments on Detroit Lions getting screwed by NFL officials [Video]


Following the game, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell remained classy as he commented on getting screwed by the officials prior to Justin Tucker kicking a 66-yard NFL record field goal.

“Yeah, there's nothing I can say to that,” Campbell told reporters. “Cause it's the same thing, tomorrow you will get an apology and it doesn't mean anything, you know?” That's life and that's the hand we were dealt.”

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If you just got finished watching Baltimore Ravens K Justin Tucker kick an NFL record 66-yard field goal to beat the Detroit Lions, you are probably sick to your stomach.

But what you may not have noticed is that on the previous play, there should have been a delay of game penalty called on the Ravens as Lamar Jackson clearly snapped the football after the play clock had expired.

Take a look as the NFL referees screwed the Lions once again.


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  1. Section 6 Article 4 of the NFL Rules clearly states, “If the ball is not put in play within the applicable period, the Back Judge shall blow his whistle for the foul and the ball remains dead.” The play clock stopped play, not the official and the ball is dead, until the five yard penalty is assessed, for delay of game. In accordance with rule, the NFL commissioner has both authority and responsibility to declare everything that transpired, after the “play clock” ran out, null and void, access the “delay of game” penalty, and then continue the game, at a later date. To do this, the teams should be required, by the NFL commissioner, to complete the game at Ford Field, and after spotting the ball, the Ravens could choose to attempt a 71 yard field goal, throw a “hail mary” pass, or initiate any play they wish, with the two seconds that remained, on the “play clock”. If the NFL commissioner does nothing to enforce the above referenced rule, the entire NFL season is suspect, due to the following:
    (a) The Ravens are awarded a win unfairly that could prevent a legitimate team from entering the playoffs or create the same result should a tiebreaker scenario be needed to determine a playoff spot, at season’s end.
    (b) Since the attempted field goal was a new NFL record, any memorialization, of the 66 yard field goal, at the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio would have to come, with an asterisk attached.

  2. Fords should be made to sell the Lions instead of using them as a tax write off every year. Let some other city be demoralized for years on end or maybe whoever would buy them would actually try to win.

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