Dan Campbell compares Detroit Lions to ‘Rich Strike’

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Dan Campbell

Though there is growing optimism among the fans in regards to the 2022 Detroit Lions, there is no question about it that the Lions are a massive underdog in terms of actually winning a Super Bowl.

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In fact, in most places you look, the odds of the Lions winning the Super Bowl are well over 100-1.

But the fact that they are a long shot to win it all does not matter to the players nor the coaches on the Detroit Lions. Instead, they are embracing it.

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Dan Campbell compares Detroit Lions to ‘Rich Strike

During a recent interview with Peter King of Football Morning in America, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell said he feels like his team is Rich Strike.

“We kind of feel like we may be Rich Strike here,” head coach Dan Campbell told me.

Rich Strike, of course, was the massive underdog who stormed from behind to win the Kentucky Derby back in May.

“He was 16th with 33 seconds left in the race,” I said.

“One of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time,” Campbell said. “It was impressive. It was beautiful.

“I just think I’ve got guys like Rich Strike. Every time we hear the S-O-L, same old Lions, and all the stuff, I think it fuels our fire. We love it. I think that’s how we all feel. That’s how we all talk. That’s how we all think. There’s nothing fake about it.”

Though the 2022 Detroit Lions do not have the worst odds of winning it all (the Jaguars, Jets, Seahawks, Falcons, and Texans all have worse odds) they will certainly be an underdog heading into the season.

But once the season starts and the actual games are being played, it sure sounds like Dan Campbell believes (and his players believe) they will make a strong run to the finish line.

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NFL: Dan Campbell's Ideal Ident...
NFL: Dan Campbell's Ideal Identity with the Detroit Lions
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