Dan Campbell compares Jared Goff now to when he was with the Rams

Dan Campbell spoke to the media on Tuesday and he the current Jared Goff to the Jared Goff who played for the Rams.

On Tuesday, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell provided insights into Jared Goff‘s progress and growth as the team's quarterback. Goff, who was acquired from the Los Angeles Rams in 2021, was initially seen as a temporary solution until a younger, drafted player could take over. However, Goff's performance has exceeded expectations, prompting the Lions to consider a contract extension.

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Key Points

  • Goff's performance has led the Lions to consider offering him a contract extension.
  • Goff's improved comfort and understanding of the team's strategies have contributed to his growth.
  • The coach-quarterback relationship between Campbell and Goff is strong and built on trust.
  • Goff's experience with the Rams, including a Super Bowl appearance, has shaped his development as a quarterback.
  • The Lions believe they ask Goff to handle more responsibilities than he did with the Rams.

Dan Campbell compares Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff to when he was with the Rams

Campbell expressed his observations on Goff's offseason progress as the quarterback enters his third year with the Detroit Lions. Campbell commended Goff for becoming increasingly comfortable with the team's strategies and praised his dedication to improvement. According to Campbell, Goff's confidence has grown, and he has matured as a quarterback. The coach believes that Goff is a better quarterback now than he was with the Rams due to his expanded skill set and increased understanding of the Lions' offensive system.

“I think what you’re seeing is a guy who just put his head down and went back to work, worked on what he could, tried to improve on what he could. And now his confidence has really grown. And along the way, he’s really matured as a quarterback,” Campbell said in his press conference.He’s a better quarterback than he was there [in Los Angeles], in my opinion — because he can do more things. He’s mentally on it.

“I mean, we’ve come light-years from where he was two years ago when he walked in and just started teaching him protections and really dove into that. And he’s got a real good grasp of what we’re doing, where the issues are, where the problems are. And that’s something that we really wanted him to get good at — and he wanted to get good at. And he’s worked at it and he’s improved. So, that helps you.”

“I just — we ask him to do a lot more, in my opinion, than what they were actually doing out there,” Campbell said. “They had a lot of pretty good pieces out there as well, as we know, damn good defense all those things. But I just feel like I know from speaking with him, and then a lot of the things — and watching him, really, over the last two years, I just feel like we ask him to… We put a lot of things on him where I’m not so sure that’s ultimately what they were doing.”

Bottom Line – A Promising Future with Goff

Campbell's evaluation of Goff's progress paints an optimistic picture of the team's future. Goff's growth and increased comfort with the team's strategies have impressed the coaching staff, leading to considerations of a contract extension. By providing Goff with a supportive environment and trust-building opportunities, the Lions are positioning themselves for success. The evolution of Goff as a quarterback bodes well for the team's chances of achieving their goals and building a competitive franchise.