Dan Campbell divulges 4-part wish list for Detroit Lions offseason

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Detroit Lions

When it comes to the Detroit Lions roster, there are a ton of holes.

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That’s why it was not surprising at all to hear Dan Campbell respond the way he did about which positions the Lions will be targeting this offseason.

From Pride of Detroit:

“I’m going to be as very generic as I can,” Campbell said, lying to himself. “Just upgrading in all areas, that’s where we need some help. Certainly, you’d like to add a receiver. You’d like to add a linebacker. You’d like to add a little depth at o-line and DB. So we’re just looking for help a little bit of everywhere.”

Campbell pretty much said what we have all been writing over the past month or so about the Lions biggest needs this offseason.

The big question will be, which of these positions to the Lions address via the 2022 NFL Draft and which ones to they address via free agency?

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