Dan Campbell explains how Lions are different in Year 2

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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During his first year as head coach of the Detroit Lions, Dan Campbell, and his staff, along with GM Brad Holmes, was able to change the culture in an organization that had gone way too far down the wrong path with Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn.

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On Tuesday, Campbell spoke to the media prior to the Lions’ mandatory minicamp practice and when asked how this year’s team was better than last year, he noted that they are at a higher level intellectually.

“There’s things that are being taught now that are just—we’re just at a different level,” Campbell said prior to Tuesday’s mandatory minicamp practice. “We are. We’re at a higher level right now. We’re kind of beyond some of more remedial things that we had to do last year, because we had just come in, it was a new system, it was new everything. We’re all trying to figure each other out.

“We’re just at a little higher level intellectually as it pertains to football, which is a good thing. That’s really on both sides of the ball. That’s where I can definitely feel it right now.”

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Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions’ energy level is up

In addition to being better intellectually, Campbell noted that though the Lions energy was good last year, it is an area that is even better this year.

“Our energy level—look, our energy was good last year—but we are—I feel like these guys are really competing and flying around out there,” Campbell said. “We’ve got some of our young guys are little more developed, we’ve got a little bit more talent. The more talent you have, the better you make the other talent around you, and they just kind of push each other.”

Nation, it sure does seem like Dan Campbell has the Lions on the right track. Are you buying into the hype?

Here is the full presser if you are interested:

Detroit Lions Media Availability: June 7, 2022 | Dan Campbell

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