Dan Campbell explains plan for Jameson Williams vs. Vikings

Dan Campbell joined the Stoney & Jansen Show today and he talked about Jameson Williams.

On Saturday, news broke that the Detroit Lions were activating rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams for their matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. When that news broke, fans and media members were extremely excited to finally get to see Williams play in an NFL game. Though he did play in the game, he only played a handful of snaps, and he only had a single target. According to Lions head coach Dan Campbell, the plan for Williams could look different this week against the Minnesota Vikings.

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What did Dan Campbell say about Jameson Williams?

On Tuesday, Campbell joined the crew on the Stoney & Jansen Show, and he said the plan is to get Williams more involved this coming Sunday against the Vikings.

Via SI.com:

“We just wanted to get him out there,” Campbell told 97.1 The Ticket Tuesday morning during his weekly appearance. “We wanted him to go through a pregame warm-up, be on the sideline, go line up, go fight with somebody a little bit, go run a route, see if you can connect, go block somebody and just be in it.

“Be part of it, pads on, all of that,” Campbell continued. “Moving forward, it’ll be, ‘OK, we’ll get him a little more involved now,' so we’ll have some things for him. He’ll play more than he did last week, but there again, it's just, let’s slowly start to implement him into what we’re doing and see how he handles everything.”

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Will Jameson Williams play gunner for the Detroit Lions moving forward?

Prior to the start of Sunday's game against the Jaguars, Jay Glazer reported that Williams was expected to get some action at gunner on the Lions' punt team. But, the Lions did not punt a single time during their 40-14 win.

So, could the Lions use their prized wide receiver as a gunner moving forward?

Via SI.com:

“Maybe that’s all he does, maybe he’s just a gunner. Let me tell you something, have you ever seen his gunner reps? Check ‘em out,” Campbell lightheartedly explained. “But we’ll see. I’ll tell you this, he’s a football player. He’s tough, he’s competitive and he’s not worried about breaking nails. He just wants to play. He’s obviously going to get more reps on offense and we’ll take him where he can go.”

Nation, how do you feel about Williams playing on special teams for the Lions?