Dan Campbell explains plan to fix Detroit Lions horrendous defense

The Detroit Lions have allowed more points than any other team in the NFL and Dan Campbell has a plan to change some things.

On Sunday, Dan Campbell hoped the Detroit Lions would rebound from a tough loss against the Minnesota Vikings but that was not the case as his defense let him down by allowing a boatload of points against a below-average Seattle Seahawks offense.

How will Dan Campbell fix the Detroit Lions defense?


“I think it’s just as much as you can try to – do we have guys in the right places? How are these guys responding?” Campbell said. “And I mean, there’s so many different things come up. It’s like even Minnesota last week, it’s, well, you want to simplify but yet you’re also trying to double (receiver Justin) Jefferson and then take care of the run, and then this week it’s a little bit different cause you’re not necessarily doing that.

Campbell added that trust plays a big role on a football team and that the Lions' defensive players need to be able to trust each other on every play.

“So I think you’re looking at the totality of it. Our FBI (football intelligence), we’ve got to get some players that we feel like we can rely on, we can trust to get out there because once they’re trustworthy, then their teammates will trust them.”

Campbell says players are trying to overcompensate for each other

Dan Campbell told reporters that one reason why the defense has been so bad is that players are trying to overcompensate for each other.

“And then that’s costing him a step behind his job, and then this guy’s trying to cover for him,” Campbell said. “And then the next play, they don’t trust that their teammate’s going to be there. We’re in this vicious cycle right now so we’ve got to pull things way, way back and just get our confidence back and gain some trust among teammates. That comes with scheme, that comes with personnel and we’re going to work through it.”

Campbell is 100% correct with that analysis and it shows in the film. When a player trusts that his teammate will take care of his responsibility and he doesn't, that's a big problem.

Nation, do you think Dan Campbell will be able to get the Detroit Lions' defense turned around before the season is a wash?