Dan Campbell explains who will be Detroit Lions starting QB moving forward

Jared Goff was bad on Sunday and he has been back for most of the 2021 season.

In fact, statistically speaking, Goff is arguably the worst starting quarterback in the NFL at this point and it does not seem to be getting any better.

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On Sunday, during a tie against the Steelers, Goff was absolutely horrendous as he struggled to complete passes, especially if those passes were downfield. Yet, despite his struggles, and being injured, head coach Dan Campbell stuck to his guns and let Goff complete the game.

A day later, even after sleeping on it, Campbell explained why Goff will remain the starter moving forward.

“It’s hard to say that he shouldn’t be the guy. … Just about every time we dropped back, the protection breaks down. … Ultimately, right now, I think he’s the guy that gives us the best chance.”

Nation, is this the correct decision?

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  1. The QB position definitely needs addressing,I think the lions should trade Goff,for a mobile quarterback.

    • If you think anybody would take Goffs contract, you don’t know football. We traded his contract and got picks and there’s not a team in the NFL that would take on his contract unless we trade those picks away, especially after his performance this season. We’re in a rebuild, we gotta bite the bullet for 2 years until his contract expires and use those picks. No good QBs to take this year. Maybe one in the 2nd round if you really want to.

      Other than that, use those picks, plus the #1 we’ll get this year to make a us competitive in 2023.

  2. If the coach think they should keep him both need to be gone he dont run he stay back get hit he cant blame that on the line he should run then that extra point kicker get rid of him two he ????

  3. Goff has experience, he knows the playbook. Our strength is out run game right now. You either take a chance and put Boyle in who’s been around Aaron Rodgers for a few years and see what he’s got or you stick with Goff and hopefully he shows up to play each week. Kind of a crap shoot either way

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