Dan Campbell explains why Duce Staley, Todd Wash, and John Morton left Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to the media on Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine, and he was asked about the departure of Duce Staley, Todd Wash, and John Morton from the team. Campbell revealed that all three coaches left the Lions for family reasons.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Dan Campbell spoke to the media on Wednesday and he was asked about Staley, Wash, and Morton leaving the Lions
  • Campbell said that all three coaches left for family reasons
  • Campbell added that all three coaches will be missed but family comes first

Dan Campbell understands that family comes first

In the introduction, Campbell expressed his appreciation for Staley, Wash, and Morton and their contributions to the Lions. He also acknowledged that their departures were a loss for the team, but he understood that family always comes first.

Why it Matters for Lions and Campbell

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With Staley, Wash, and Morton leaving, Campbell was charged with finding their replacements, and he has reportedly done that. The Lions have hired John Scott Jr. to coach the DL, John Fox as a defensive consultant, and Scottie Montgomery as assistant head coach/RBs coach. These are critical hires for the team's success, and Campbell is confident that they will fill the void left by Staley, Wash, and Morton.

Bottom Line: Staley, Wash, and Morton left Lions for family reasons

It is evident that the departures of Staley, Wash, and Morton from the Detroit Lions were due to family reasons. While it is a loss for the team, Dan Campbell has taken the necessary steps to fill the void and believes that the new hires will bring positive changes to the team. It's always difficult to see valuable members of the coaching staff leave, but family always comes first, and the Lions understand and support that.

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