Dan Campbell explains why he made two controversial calls during Lions loss to Bears

Many predicted that the Detroit Lions would go into Chicago on Sunday and pick up the first win of the Dan Campbell era but it was not meant to be as the Lions were never really in the game during a 24-14 loss.

During the game, the Lions had two separate occasions in which they could have kicked a field goal to cut into the Bears lead but, instead, Campbell elected to go for it on fourth and short. Unfortunately, neither of those attempts were successful and Campbell is taking quite a bit of heat from both the fans and the media, even though the analytics say he made the correct calls.

Following the game, Campbell spoke to the media and he defended his decisions.

From MLive:

“I don’t regret any of (the fourth-down attempts),” Campbell said. “But the last one at the end, here’s what I would have done, is that I wish we’d have huddled up. And that’s on me. Should have huddled them up, give us our best play on fourth down and get the first down, get a touchdown, and then we go from there. I wish I’d have done that.”

But as for the decision to go for it twice inside the Bears’ 10-yard line, both of which backfired in a 10-point loss?

“My gut tells me to go for it,” he said.
Nation, what do you think? Did Campbell make the right calls in those two situations?